About Us

About Us

Rebecca Speer has spent a career helping leading organizations address behavior that hits at the heart of workplace culture, and the employee experience.

A sought-after independent investigator, employment attorney, and expert, Rebecca has gained a unique insider’s view into top organizations as they struggled with an employee’s behavior.

With lessons derived from decades of experience working with leading organizations across industries, Upquest bridges a leadership gap, teaching essential competencies that help leaders adeptly manage the human side of business and cultivate equitable, inclusive, and positive places to work.


Upquest is on a mission to teach leaders how to navigate common workplace challenges and drive a positive company culture.

When leaders don’t lead well when it comes to challenging behavior, people suffer in silence and unresolved problems multiply.

Upquest is dedicated to empowering leaders to meet the demands of a new era through a new class of leadership education that teaches competencies often missed in traditional education. We translate real-life problems and decades of experience into critical know-how and actionable steps. We cultivate ethical leaders who, through their everyday actions, build the kind of positive, inclusive, and respectful workplace that employees aspire to work in.